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Rapidly Deploy a Highly Effective Security Awareness and Training Program

You know you need a security awareness and training program. You know it…you just don’t have the time or the people available to implement it. So, you’re waiting…but the longer you wait, the longer you leave your staff uninformed and your organization open to the risks associated with that lack of knowledge. Stop putting it off and place your security awareness and training program in the hands of Wombat’s Managed Services team

Our Managed Services team will partner with you to deliver a personalized security awareness and training program, based on your goals and organizational culture, and then will manage all aspects of the delivery of your program, providing you with reports and actionable data to show ROI. They will work with you to build a security awareness and training program that both raises the understanding of potential risks and teaches your employees how to avoid these risks to keep your data, systems, and networks more secure.

Our team of experts manage hundreds of security awareness and training programs across many different industries, geographies and for companies of varying size and complexity. You not only benefit from our team’s expertise of Wombat’s world-class security awareness and training solution, but also their global execution of best-in-class programs.

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Delivering Measurable Results

Our Methodology

Rather than a “one and done” approach, the Managed Services team uses our Continuous Training Methodology of Assess, Educate, Reinforce & Measure that has been shown to reduce successful phishing attacks and malware infections by up to 90%. This cyclical approach allows us to be responsive to results and tailor the next steps, focusing on the areas where your organization is most at risk.

Strategy Development

Your Managed Services representative will work with you to design and implement a specific security awareness and training program that aligns with your organization's culture and goals. At the onset of your program, Wombat's Managed Services representative will conduct a strategy session with you to discuss your security objectives and challenges. We will conduct baseline assessments aligned with your risk areas of concern. As the program progresses, your results will be compared to the baseline data, analyzed, and your program will be modified as needed.

Collaborative Planning

Wombat will share best practices for performing assessments and training. This includes role-based training, data privacy concerns, and executing internal communications throughout the organization. We will identify your reporting requirements prior to executing campaigns to ensure important user attributes are included in the reports.

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Continuous Assessments and Training

While all security awareness and training programs are unique to their organizations, our Managed Services team follows our proven Continuous Training Methodology of assessment, education, reinforcement, and measurement to plan and deliver your program. To support this approach, your Managed Service representative will meet with you regularly throughout your program. During these meetings, we will review recent results, share insights, and solicit feedback about any new directives from within your organization. Your program can be adjusted as a result of these discussions.

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You and your Managed Services representative will have access to detailed, in-depth reports throughout the course of your program. You can compare and contrast results of simulated attack campaigns, knowledge assessments, and training assignments, with our dynamic reports providing both high-level and granular views of your program metrics. We will take time to meet with you to walk through the results and identify the reports and views that can help you show the ROI of your program and make informed decisions about ongoing activities. Wombat reports help you target your most pressing areas of end-user security risk, which allows you to consistently focus on meeting your goals. Our measurement tools enable you to easily gauge, evaluate, and share results with stakeholders, improving decision-making across all levels of your organization.

Trust the professionals! We moved to the vendor-managed total solution due to the lack of internal resources. We are very pleased with the vendor-managed solutions.

IT Director, Cybersecurity | Large manufacturing company

I have used Wombat's security awareness training platform with two different companies now, and my initial positive experience made me confident in recommending and partnering with them a second time. This time, my organization opted to engage the Managed Services team, and that has been a valuable help with regard to balancing workloads. 

Nickolas Hilderman | Senior Security Analyst

Wombat has absorbed some of the administrative burden, helping us to execute successful ThreatSim phishing campaigns while we focus on other deliverables. The Managed Services team has given us a way to reach a distributed global audience to increase our security awareness efforts, and I would think that any busy program manager could benefit from these types of expert resources.

Nickolas Hilderman | Senior Security Analyst
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